Bets on realtime processes which are run by certified software and own servers which are located in RK. Rules.

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Horse racing is not only an interesting tradition, but also an excellent opportunity to test your analytical skills, intuition and add some adrenalin into your everyday life.

"HorseracingDS" is a Horseracing simulator with high-quality graphics and modern game engine, featuring an opportunity to view the information on the horses' sporting condition and features . Take a closer look at the horses: perhaps, some individuals you will seem very familiar to you!

If you want to try your hand and evaluate your luck, you can play without betting real money by choosing "No adrenaline game (free)". If you are ready for real racing, click on "Play for money" button. All bets are made on win: you just need to specify the desired amount in one or more fields. To delete, simply clear the corresponding field. You can only manage bets before the race is began.

To put enter the bets in your receipt and go to the race view mode, click the "Play" button. The minimum bet is 50 cents, the maximum bet is $ 100 (all bets are accepted at the current exchange rate). Bets are accepted in the currency that is specified in your profile.

During the heat, which is one mile (approx. 1600 m), you can check your bets by clicking "Your slip", and after the race is over - see photo finish, showing the horse winning the race.

"Goal+Pass" bookmaker guarantees the fairness of random number generator, where the racers the pass the race, and the pay-out coefficient. Pay-out percentage is 97% of the total amount of bets placed in the game.

Attention! Bookmaker guarantees [100% honesty in the "HorseracingDS" game] (/help/horse/)!

In the "HorseracingDS" game the race results (i.e. a particular number of a horse to finish first) are formed using a random number generator, before the player makes a bet. Thus, the bet made by the player does not affect the result of the race in any way.

To check this, each player can use the fairness control system. To do this, he must request a checksum before the game by clicking on the "Fairness Control" button. In the "Checksum" line, the player receives the results of the race, encrypted using the MD5 algorithm. After the end of the race, in the line "Check phrase" the player receives the decoded race data, that is: race number, number of winning horse and a unique password, written with "_" character.

Thus, the bettor can see the results of the race formed by the program before the bets were made. Having received these results, the customer can check them either by clicking on the "Checksum" link, or by copying the control phrase and checking it using independent sources - various sites and programs using the MD5 algorithm to verify the data.

Attention! Due to the fact that the fairness control system completely excludes cheating on the part of the bookmaker, the cancellation of the bet after its registration on the server is impossible. Connection breakage, communication failures also do not constitute basis for cancelling a bet, since they do not affect the course, the result of the race, or the calculation of the receipt. Regardless of other conditions and the fact that for some reason the client did not watch the race (due to a disconnection, browser errors, closure of the game window, etc.), the calculation of winnings or losses on the bets is made automatically. Winnings are also credited to the client's account automatically. All your bets are saved in bet history.