Bonus for the biggest bet in Toto

[Toto] (/toto/)in "Goal+Pass" Bookmaker is a great opportunity to get significant wins, check your intuition by predicting outcomes of a large number of events at once, and furthermore, to hit the jackpot – a really large amount of money!

[Toto Rules] (/toto/rules/) are: to win you must guess the outcomes of at least 9 events. Winners are paid out of the pool – the amount of money received in the form of bets from participants in the regular draw of Toto.

The minimum bet is $20 roubles (100 KZT); the maximum amount is not limited.

"Bonuses for the maximum bet"

For customers, betting large amounts in Toto, there is a cash bonus provided. Clients, making the biggest bet in a draw will be returned 20% of the bet amount, and for the biggest bet lost in the Toto the Bookmaker will return 30%. In the event that there are several bets with the same amount, the first registered bet wins.

If the bet is both the biggest in the draw and the biggest lost one, bonuses are added.

Caution! Bonus payments for Toto games are made only for bets made through the website. Bets accepted in Bookmaker's cash desks will not participate in the bonus program.

Caution! If a player makes package bets, individual bets participate in the bonus program, rather than the total amount of package bets

"Jackpot Payment"

Until the results of all 15 matches are guessed, the amount of the main prize - Jackpot, which will be distributed among the customers who guessed all 15 events of the draw - is growing.

****"Goal+Pass" Bookmaker guarantees Jackpot payment on the next day after calculating the draw**.

[Play] (/toto/) and win!