3.1.1. Top scorer

The top scorer is the player who scored the most goals during the regular and extra time. Penalty shoot-outs and own goals are not considered. Criteria for determining the top scorer of the tournament or a national team with equal goals scored:

  • more goals scored at a later stage;

  • more assists;

  • more shots on target;

  • less minutes spent in the field.

3.1.2. Statistical indicators

All bets are accepted on regular time, unless stated otherwise. Statistical indicators for each match are taken only from the official site of the championship at 10:00 AM (Moscow time) the next day after the match. Subsequent changes to indicators on the site are not taken into account. Also, statistical data of mass media and data from other bookmakers shall not be taken into account. In the absence of any indicators on the official website, the calculation is made based on actual outcome.

General indicators for the entire tournament, group stage, specific national team or a player are determined by summing the protocols of each match taken from the site at 10:00 AM the day after the match ends. If one or more matches are interrupted and found not valid in accordance with the rules, the statistics of such matches shall be counted in the total statistical indices (for the entire tournament, group stage, a separate team) based on the results at the time when the game was stopped.

In the case of the disqualification (withdrawal) of a national team during the group stage, to calculate the place, points and goals in the group, all the unplayed matches in the tournament will be forfeit.

3.1.3. Stoppage Time

The official time is considered to be the compensated time specified in the final protocol of the match instead of the actually overplayed time. In case of absence of data on the stoppage time in one of the half-times in the protocol, all bets on this half-time and stoppage time are to be returned.

3.1.4. Bets "The first to occur" and "The last to occur"

For the purposes of calculation of these bets, the following events are considered to have taken place:

• corner kick: in case of an actual kick from the corner arc;

• goal kick: in case of an actual goal kick;

• throw-in: in case of an actual throw-in;

• offside: in case of an actual free kick after an offside was recorded;

• foul: in case of an actually performed free kick after a foul was recorded;

3.1. 5. Bets "What will happen to the player earlier"

Bettor is suggested to guess which event from the specified set will happen to the player during the match. If a player wasn't in the starting line-up, the bets are refunded.

Bet "Will play the whole match" wins only if the player has played the entire match and none of other specified events happened to him (did not score a goal, did not receive YC, etc.).

3.1. 6. Olympic Games

The final result on the number of medals is determined on the basis of the official website of the Olympic Games at the start of the closing ceremony. In case of the same number of gold medals, the country having more silver medals is considered to occupy the higher position, and in case of the same number of silver medals – the country having more bronze medals.