Parlay Bonus

"Gol+Pas" Bookmaker gives customers bonus for a winning express – additional 10% of the Parlay coefficient. To receive the bonus you must meet the following conditions:

  • the number of events in the Parlay – not less than 5 and not more than 10;
  • all the events in the Parlay are hockey or football games;
  • all bets in the Parlay are bets in victory (i.e. bets on W1 or W2);
  • odds on every bet are at least 1.5;
  • privilege Parlay must be registered with a separate slip.

The bonus will be added to the overall coefficient. For example, instead of the total coefficient of 10.0 the privilege odds will be 1 (10+0.1*10).

A Parlay bet can receive the "Football/Hockey" bonus and ["Winning Parlay Bonus"] (/rules/bonus/express10/) at the same time. Each bonus calculation and awarding is carried out separately, according to the Parlay winning coefficient.