Safety in bookmaking offices

Safety and interests of our clients are the major priorities for the bookmaking office "Goal+Pass". That is why modern methods of protecting information are used to ensure the security of gaming accounts of the Bookmaker's clients.

But let us not forget that in many respects the security and preservation of your funds on the gaming account depends on yourselves. "Goal+Pass" Bookmaker offers a few rules that will make your use of the site and the World Wide Web as secure as possible, protect your account from hacking and prevent you from falling for trick of fraudsters.

  1. Login and password are your keys to access the site. When registering on the site try to generate complex passwords that consist of a combination of letters and numbers? not being a specific word. Do not use such passwords as: "12345", "qwerty", "password". Do not keep a record of your passwords and do not store them on media, which can be accessed by other people (in text files on sheets of paper, etc.). Also, do not type your password in the presence of strangers. We recommend that you periodically change your password for security reasons.

  2. When registering on the website you must provide reliable information about your first name, last name and city of residence. These data can be useful when handling controversial issues.

  3. When making applications for payments on your gaming account you need:

    • account number (registration number);
    • the amount that you want to receive;
    • full name; --depending on how you want to receive the money, you may also need: bank details of your account, credit card number, tax registration number.

The required data are listed on page [Receiving winnings] (/passport/pay/out/). Sensitive information, such as: account and email passwords, plastic card VVC2-code , etc, when you receive winnings is not required. And thus, the bookmaker is not supposed to request them. If you received an e-mail message that contains that contains requests to provide sensitive confidential data, be careful: That's the way scammers typically act.

  1. The only e-mail address of our bookmaking office is [email protected]. This is the address you should send all requests for payment, questions, comments and suggestions to. Please be careful: all emails received from other (similar) email addresses are sent by fraudsters whose purpose is getting access to secret information and fraudulent withdrawal of money from your account.

  2. Check your site login history. In "My Profile" section you will find a link ["Log in History"] (/passport/log/). Pay attention to the log in dates or changes in the email address that weren't performed by you. Thus, you will be able to track possible attempts of unauthorized access.

  3. For the security of your surfing the web and data security, you should use [antivirus software]( product) and regularly update them. In addition, you should use personal [firewall] ( that helps prevent unauthorized access to your computer from the Internet or from a local network.

  4. Update the [browsers] (/help/prog/) that you use to access the Internet, as new versions appear on official websites of development companies. This will make the work on the website and on the network as a whole faster and safer.

  5. Be careful when communicating by e-mail. Do not use a mailbox shared with someone else. Do not open suspicious messages, as well as emails from unknown users. Pay close attention when opening messages with attachments or containing links to other sites. If you do not know what file is attached to the letter, or where a particular link leads to, do not open the file and don't click on links. Even a message sent by your friend, can contain a virus if your friend's computer has been infected. Use antivirus software to scan e-mail.

  6. Avoid transactions that require entering a password or personal information in a cyber cafe. On computers that are used by dozens of people daily, it is impossible to achieve a high level of security. There can be viruses and other programs that record your passwords and other personal data. This information can be used by malicious persons.
    If you don't have access to a personal computer, and you need to access the site, we recommend you to use the mobile version of our site. To do this, enter the address in the line of the Internet browser of your mobile phone.

  7. When working on the site from a public computer, be sure to end the session, click "Exit" to exit from your personal account. Also, when working on such computers, change passwords from the your gaming account and email as often as possible.

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