Wheel of Fortune

The essence of the game

In each draw with the help of a ball and a roulette the winning sport is randomly determined out of 24 sports. The player's objective is to bet on one or more sports, so that the winning one was among them.

Roulette Roulette and ball
Footbal Footbal bet

Types of bets, making and cancelling bets

In addition to single sports (such as basketball, soccer), team sports betting available (winter/summer sports, team/single sport ") for betting as well as and blocks ("columns") by 2, 4, 6 and 8 sports, giving lower odds, but a greater chance of a successful bet. See the Interactive Bet Types Table for the complete list of additional types of bets and the click area for placing them:

You can delete scheduled bets before the draw in two ways. The first way is to use the "remove a bet" mode, which is activated by a button in the bets control panel. In this mode all your bets, you click on the table, will be cancelled. The second way is to click the "clear the table" button, which removes all bets.
Be careful, in the collective game mode you need to delete all extra bets before the start of the draw.

Bet_remove_mode_activated Bet_remove_mode_activated
Button_to_delete_all_bets Button to delete all bets ставок

Winnings amount

Current coefficient determines how much you win in case of a successful bet. By increasing the number of sports for betting, you increase your chance of winning, but lower the coefficient. To determine the current odds, you can always consult the table "bookmaker's odds":

Odds_table Odds table

Absolute fairness guarantee

Purpose-developed control system is based on a modern and reliable cryptography techniques and completely excludes the very likelihood of rigging. "Goal+Pass" Bookmaker gives every player the chance to make sure of 100% fairness of the results even before betting.

Results_fairness_control_using_checksum Results fairness control using checksum

Results_fairness_control_using_check_phrase Results fairness control using check phrase

Learn how to check the fairness of the results on designated page.

Game Modes

Before starting to play on [Wheel of Fortune page] (/wheeloffortune) there is a possibility to choose one of two game modes – single or collective.
In single mode you start the roulette by clicking the "paly" button and you can think over every bet for as long as you want.
*In collective mode** the draw starts automatically, so you have to make a bet before it starts (44 seconds), and you can see the bets by other players and take part in the "Wheel of Fortune" top-winnings rating.

Choosing_a_game_mode Choosing a game mode
Changing_game_mode_while_playing Changing the game mode while playing
Draw_start_button_in_single_mode Draw start button in single mode
Time_counter_to_draw_in_collective_game Time counter to draw in collective game
Weekly_top-25_winnings Weekly top-25 winnings
List_of_draw_bets_from_all_participants List of draw bets from all participants

In the collective mode you can view directly on the table all bets of any other player by positioning the mouse cursor on the identifier in the list of bets.

Viewing_bets_of_another_player_on_the_game_table Viewing bets of another player on the game table

If you do not want to risk real money or want to work out some time in the game, you can choose the game mode Play for Fun. In this mode, you have an infinite amount of money to bet.

Change_of_mode_money/fun_during_the_game Change of mode money/fun during the game

Draw results

After the draw, you can see information about the results in a special information window, displaying the of the winning sport and the groups to which it belongs. The window will appear and soon disappear at the end of each draw.


Registry of winning numbers

Numbers of the winning sports are entered in two columns of the registry of winning numbers. Light-green colour in the left column highlights the numbers of summer sports (they are always odd). Green colour in the right column highlights the numbers of winter sports (they are always even). In this way you can follow the statistics of games drawing by seasons and based on this build your betting strategy.

Bet_log Bet log

Game interface guide

Description_of_game_interface_elements Description of game interface elements
Example_of_arrangement_of_bets_on_the_table Example of arrangement of bets on the table

"Wheel of Fortune" application rules

  1. For the players to make bets application "Wheel of Fortune" interacts with individual customer accounts of "Goal+Pass" Bookmaker. Getting to play in real money mode, you automatically agree that bat made by you are withdrawn from your account on the site [www.golpas.com] (http://www.golpas.com)
  2. Playing in the collective mode of "Wheel of Fortune", you automatically agree that the results of your bets will participate in the winnings ranking between the application players. No details of your personal account, other than the amounts of winnings, will be disclosed.
  3. The application shall be governed by the General rules of the Bookmaker.