Big bets


”Big bets” — bets, which sum exceeds the permissible maximum and is limited only by the sum of money on your account.

  • A bet automatically becomes the “Big bet” as soon as you indicate the sum bigger than the maximum amount (you will see a message about this and will be able to process the bet or decrease the bet sum).
  • The bookmaker’s office considers this bet and reserves the right to allow or cancel it.
  • As soon as you made the “Big bet”, the bet sum is charged off from your account, and later it comes into a lineup for consideration. ”Big bets” - these are bets, which sum may exceeds the maximum bet amount. The require confirmation from an administrator.
  • A decision per a bet is made prior to beginning of an event. If the administrator fails to do it in due time, the “big bet” is returned automatically (is disbursed with the coefficient 1).
  • If the administrator accepts the “Big bet”, then it is calculated as an ordinary bet.
  • In case of cancellation of the “Big bet”, the money is returned on your account.
  • The information as for decision made, you can see in [bets’ history] (/passport/? next=/account/history/).

**Example: **


If you want to make a bet in the amount of 2,500 rubles, and the maximum bet for an event is 2,000 rubles, the bet will not be processed straightaway. Preliminary, the program will notify you that this is the “Big bet” as it is shown in the Figure. If you agree, press “Process the bet” command one more time.

The rules for processing [“Big bets] (/rules/24/) you will find in Section [“Rules of bookmaker’s office “Goal + Pass”] (/rules/).