Betting office “Gol+Pas” is looking to cooperate with the individuals and legal entities aimed at expanding their business opportunities or interested in advertising and information cooperation. Joint activities are conducted on the basis of legal documents and contracts. Betting office “Gol+Pas” works in the field of gambling business and accepts bets from players on the proposed quotations for sports, cultural, musical and other events, therefore the main direction of cooperation is the organization of points of acceptance of bets in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

** On its part, the betting office "Gol+Pas" offers:**

  • equipment necessary for the work of the betting office cash desk;
  • software for acceptance of bets;
  • daily provision of the line, which takes bets on sports, political, musical and other events, rapid calculation of coefficients on the line;
  • responsibility for negative balance on bets, which fully meets the requirements of the agency agreement, the Laws on Licensing and the Gambling Business, and the Tax Code;
  • provision of the results of competitions, news and statistical information on various sports;
  • teaching of staff to work with software and rules for accepting bets in the betting office “Gol+Pas”;
  • partner reward – up to 80% of the profit from the bets.

** On your part, you must fulfill the following conditions:**

  • organization of the point of acceptance and its maintenance (the availability of a suitable place for placing the betting office cash desk, stable Internet connection);
  • conclusion of an agency agreement with our partners, reporting under an agency agreement;
  • basic computer knowledge and knowledge of the features of sports competitions;
  • internal cleanliness (easily determined within a short time);
  • huge desire to work in the field of gambling business

Cooperation with the betting office “Gol + Pas" under the agency program.

Betting office “Gol+Pas” is open to all kinds of cooperation. With proposals for cooperation and joint projects, please contact

Рекламно-информационное сотрудничество

Betting office “Gol+Pas” will review proposals for the placement of advertisement of the brand "Betting office "GOL +PAS" in the media, on the stadiums, sports facilities, on the equipment of sports teams, etc. In return, Betting office "Gol+Pas" is ready to place advertisements of interested organizations on the official website, on daily lines and receipts. Betting office "Gol+Pas" is looking to cooperate with the mass media, radio and television for the organization of programs, columns, game materials.


Betting office “Gol+Pas” announces vacancies in the cities of Kazakhstan: Arkalyk, Abay, Leninogorsk, Zyryanovsk, Zhanatas, Karatau, Otrar, Mankent, Baikonur, Aralsk, Kapchagai, Zharkent, Dostyk, Kurchatov, Ermak, Mamlyutka, Sergeevka, Khromtau, Emba.

With proposals for cooperation and joint projects, please contact

BO "golpas" invites correspondents from the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan for making predictions and coverage of the championships of cities and regions. Please send your CV and proposals to the e-mail address [email protected]

Licenses of the betting office.

For owners of clubs, bars and other establishments

BO "golpas" offers you expansion of your services by accepting payments in favor of the betting office and paying on our requirements. This transaction is not a gambling activity and is not subject to additional registration and authorization. The opportunity to operate with the services of BC “golpas” will expand the capacity of your company to attract new clients and guests