This section displays information on bets: receipt number, date of transaction, bet details, accrual of winnings, deduction of bet amount, bet status, general state of account, number of won and lost bets, number of payments on winnings

Cashier/No. – receipt number assigned automatically by the system after bet registration;

Date – date and time of transaction;

Transaction – a short description of the transaction;

Status – transaction/bet status at the moment.

Account transaction log over the past month

Transaction date and type

For user's convenience there is an option to choose what types of bets and what events to display and over what period of time. For this purpose, there is a menu to the left of the main table, allowing you to select and combine the corresponding bets in the table. Choosing the transaction type, "Status" box appears, which shows the transaction status.

Transaction Types

Deposits – a variety of transactions on the monetary account:

  • account replenishment: when and how the funds were credited to your account; -deposit payments: when and how the payments were made;
  • replenishment cancelled – cancellations of replenishments in the case of operator's customer's errors (amount, account number);
  • request cancelled – cancellation of the request for payment of cash if a customer changes his mind to withdraw funds from the account.

Bets – statuses of bets made by the client:

-won – history of winning bets; -lost – history of lost bets; -not calculated – bets being calculated; -Big pending – BIG bets, pending the decision of the Administration;
-BIG cancelled – BIG-bet, cancelled by the Administration.

Pari mutuel – [Pari mutuel] bets (/toto/).

Horse racing sweepstake – games in [HorseracingDS] (/horse/).

Bonuses and Rewards:

  • [bonuses for activity] (/rules/bonus/activ_client/) – awarded to the most active visitors playing on [] site (/);

  • Bonus points for Parlays: for customers who make multiple bets on, the following bonuses are provided:

  1. ["Sensible Parlay Bonus"] (/rules/bonus/bonexp/) – this is an opportunity to further capitalize on correctly calculated high odds;

  2. [Privilege Parlay Bonus] (/rules/bonus/privelege_express/) – is a special type of bet, where in case of an unguessed outcome of only one event, the bet is not considered lost, but subject to return.

-Advisory Program – accruals for participants of the dvisory Program.

Receipt Details

Detailed Transactions Log over the past month

In order to check the bet, you need to click on the bet number, after which the detailed information describing the bet as a whole will appear: bet date, type, teams, outcome, odds, status, amount, etc.

"Daily statistics" allows you to see which transactions have been performed on a specific date. To do this, select the desired day and click on it.

Daily Transactions Log

Log in History

This section allows you to see when you visited the site and track any unauthorized access attempts. Be careful and check this section for security purposes.

Log in History

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