2.1.10. "Gol+Pas" Bookmaker offers the following bets on golf:

  • comparison of two participants of a tournament. The winner is the player showing the lowest score. If the score according to the competition results is even, the bet is returned, i.e. the paid with a coefficient of "1";

  • 1st place score Total – score of the player, declared the winner of the tournament.

  • 2nd place score Total – score of the player, gaining the 2nd place in the tournament. If there are more than 2 players finishing in the second place, the score of only one finishing player is accounted.

-Player's score – hits on the ball made by the player during the tournament when going through the golf course.

2.10.2. In cases of disqualification or withdrawal of a participant from a tournament the result of the bets shall be determined as follows:

  • if a player is withdrawn from the tournament the other player is deemed the winner. of both players are withdrawn, then the lowest score after the withdrawal shall determine the winner;

  • if a player is disqualified after start, or leaves the competition before completion of 2 rounds, or withdrawn before the completion of the tournament, the other player is dimmed the winner;

    • if a player is disqualified during the 3rd or 4th round, and the other player has already left the tournament, the disqualified player shall be deemed the winner.