The rules come into force from February 1, 2008.

1. Description of the competition

«Gol+Pas Expert» is the type of a game, where you have to predict the results of upcoming sports events the most accurately. For correct predictions (and those which are close to the correct predictions) the points are given, for wrong prediction the points are taken (see below).

For convenience, the competition is divided into circulations. Every week and more frequently a new circulation is made.

2. Prize fund

The participation is free. Every 30 days based on the results of the competition, the experts that got the most points are given money prizes (credited to personal accounts).

Prize fund 18000 rubles (90000 tenge) (from the circulation No.11 2011):

Position Prize (rub) Prize (tenge)
1 position 5000 rub 25000 tenge
2 position 4000 rub 20000 tenge
3 position 3000 rub 15000 tenge
4 position 2000 rub 10000 tenge
5 position 1500 rub 7500 tenge
6 position 1000 rub 5000 tenge
7 position 500 rub 2500 tenge
8 position 400 rub 2000 tenge
9 position 300 rub 1500 tenge
10 position 250 rub 1250 tenge

2.1. Bonuses for each circulation

from July 1, 2013, additional bonuses are given for each circulation. На этот бонус налагается ограничение - его можно использовать только для игры на бирже ставок и он является невыводимым. Бонус начисляется через 3-5 дней после окончания последней игры тиража.

Non-withdrawable amount is an amount that can not be withdrawn from a game account, but can only be spent for the game on the website of the betting office. For example, you received $10 of non-withdrawable bonus. As soon as a bet is made, for example, of $8 (in this case, the creation of an offer on the bet exchange), the non-withdrawable amount will be reduced by the amount of the bet and will make $2. In the case of a win, the player has the right to spend it as he sees fit. If the offer on the exchange was not accepted and was automatically returned, the non-withdrawable amount will be increased by the amount of the bet together with the money return.

1 position 10$
2 position 8$
3 position 5$

from March 11, 2015 this type of bonus is cancelled.

3. Calculation of points

The points are calculated in the following way:

The reason for calculation Formula
1. Proximity of the prediction 1  
1.1. The score is guessed +8+top 2
1.2. The difference is guessed +5+difference+(bonus for proximity)3
1.3. The outcome is guessed +4
1.4. The outcome is wrong -4
2. Difference of the goals ±1 (when the outcome is guessed) +1
3. The score of the team is predicted (when the outcome is guessed) +1

1) Points of different sub-items are not summed up, the formula of the first sub-item corresponding to the prediction, is used
2) Top in "Gol+Pas Expert" is defined as maximum amount of the goals, scored by one team (4 for 4:0 or 4:1, 2 for 2:2, etc.).
3) Bonus for proximity (when the difference is guessed) – if the difference of the goals of one team in the prediction and in the final result does not exceed N (3 for football, 4 for hockey), the bonus is calculated: N-1 point for the difference 1, (N–2) points for the difference 2, etc. If the final result is 3:2, then the participant with the prediction 1:0 receives the bonus in the amount of one point, the participant with the prediction 2:1 – receves the bonus in the amount of two points.

As an example of the calculation of points see the result table on football и on hockey .

4. Calculation of the bonus points

Each participant who made a prediction, made his contribution of 1.5 points in the «bonus basket». Distribution «of the bonus basket» takes places after the calculation of the points received by the participants for each game. «Bonus points» are made to create additional motivation to look for sensations, not to bet on favorites all the time.

Consider the example: 20 bets are made. The number of participants who received the same amount of points, is calculated:

Points Number of participants
13 1
7 3
6 4
5 2
0 10

Let’s calculate:
1) Amount of the bonus basket: 20*1,5=30 ponts (number of participant that made a bet on this game multiplied by the contribution).
2) Total number of points won by the participants is 68. 13+(7*3)+(6*4)+(5*2)=68
3) The percentage of points in each basket is calculated from the total number of points.
4) A bonus is calculated, which is the percent of scored points from the points from the bonus box, calculated above for each basket, divided by the number of participants in the basket (the fractional part is discarded)

Points Number of participants Total points % of the bonus basket Bonus
13 1 13(13*1) 19% (0,19*30)/1=5
7 3 21(7*3) 30% (0,30*30)/3=3
6 4 24(6*4) 35% 0,35*30)/4=2
5 2 10(5*2) 14% (0,14*30)/2=2
0 10 0(10*0) 0% 0

Number of points in «bonus basket» will be less than the amount of bonus points, since the fractional part is discarded.

5. Building the rating of participants

When determining the place in the rating the following is taken into account (in descending order of importance):
1) amount of points and bonus points
2) amount of points (without bonus ponts)
3) the number of guessed scores
4) the number of predictions with guessed difference of the scores
5) the number of guessed outcomes
6) the number of the circulation of the last prediction of a participant (if the previous items coincide at two experts, but one of them did not make predictions in the last circulation, then in the rating he will be placed below the one who took a risk and made a prediction)
7) time of the last calculated prediction (the earlier the last prediction was made, the higher is the place)

6. Exclusion from the list of winners

The administration of the betting office “Gol+Pas” reserves the right to exclude from the list of competition winners those participants who violated the rules that played under several clone logins. In case of the removal of the winner, the participant next to him in the rating takes his place in the list.

7. How do I make predictions?

To participate n the competition it is necessary to register. You can use the received login on the whole website. If you are already registered, sign in and go to the page of your predictions. Predict the counts of the games and press «Make a prediction».

Acceptance of the predictions for the game finishes one hour before the start. Before the end of the acceptance you can change your prediction. To view your previous predictions choose the circulation from the drop-down list (on the left of the page).