Bets on realtime processes which are run by certified software and own servers which are located in RK. Rules.

«Wheel of Fortune» - an exciting game from the bookmaker Гол+Пас, which combines the respectable style and riskiness of the roulette with sports elements, traditional for bookmaking games.

Only one type of sport out from 24 turns out to be winning. Your task is just to place a bet on the winning one - and here it is, the win in your bag! Would you like to increase your chances, but get a lowlier win? Then guess the season or type of sports game, or put on several sports at once.

If the single game is not interesting to you and you need to feel competitiveness - try a collective game. Here you will see the rates of other players, as also you can participate in the ranking of top winners of “Wheel of fortune”. A limited time for betting in this mode not only spiced up the game, but also won’t allow anyone to hold you.

You can read in detail the game interface in the "Help" section.