Bets on realtime processes which are run by certified software and own servers which are located in RK. Rules.
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G+P Cars 3D is an innovative browser-based car racing simulator from Goal+Pass Bookmaker. This is the most popular type of [drag racing] ( over a distance of 1/4 mile (402 meters).

Modern detailed 3D graphics* and the legendary cars on the track create a breath-taking atmosphere, but do not let the roar of engines and the heat rob you off your sanity and cool-headedness – as this is what makes you win by betting on the winners!

And if you want to just enjoy the visual display and practice your analytical skills – "Play for Fun" mode is what you need.

The feature of the game that attracts players the most is its guaranteed fairness, which you can check personally!

** Please note: Because of its high-end technology the game is rather demanding to the power of your PC video adapter. Owners of netbooks and out-of-date desktops may feel considerably uncomfortably when watching the races. If following the menu downloading you click one of the cars and it moves by snaps, you will not be able to enjoy the races in full. In this case we recommend that you consider our game HorseracingDS.

How to play

To enter the bets in your receipt and go to the race view mode, click the "Play" button. The minimum bet is 50 cents, the maximum bet is $ 100 (all bets are accepted at the current exchange rate). Bets are accepted in the currency specified in your profile.

Absolute fairness guarantee

In "Cars" the race results are formed using a random number generator, before a player makes a bet. Thus, the bet made by the player does not affect the result of the race in any way.

To check this, each player can use the fairness control system. To do this, the player must request a checksum before the game by clicking on the "Fairness Control" button. In the "Checksum" field, the player receives the results of the race, encrypted using the MD5 algorithm After the race is completed, a check phrase appears, the line of which was the checksum received, i.e. a line in the form of _<winner's number>_.

After receiving the check phrase the client can check whether the checksum matches the initial one. You can do this in the program window, using the form below or using any third-party program to calculate the MD5 checksum. If the result had been adjusted, then the checksums do not match. You can easily verify this by typing another number of the winner in the check phrase.

Please note: Due to the fact that the fairness control system completely excludes cheating on the part of the bookmaker, the cancellation of the bet after its registration on the server is impossible. Connection breakage, communication failures also do not constitute the basis for cancelling a bet, since they do not affect the course, the result of the race, or the calculation of the receipt. Regardless of other conditions and the fact that for some reason the client did not watch the race (due to a disconnection, browser errors, closure of the game window, etc.), winnings or losses on the bets are calculated automatically. Winnings are also credited to the client's account automatically. All your bets are saved in bet history.

Fairness control

Для проверки контрольной суммы введите ниже контрольную фразу из которой будет вычислена контрольная сумма по алгоритму MD5. Вы можете скопировать контрольную фразу из игры или ввести любую другую.

Checksum MD5: